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4.1 Placing bets/bet selection

Placing bets is very easy. You have countless opportunities to get to sports events on our website.

For example, click in the top links or mobile in highlights on "Today" and you see a variety of games. By clicking on a team or quotas this tip is placed on your betting slip.

Now you have the opportunity to place a single bet for your selected tip or a combination bet with up to 20 tips. In addition, our betting slip offers the opportunity for system and multiple bets, which you can fine-tune with the so called bank-bets (tips that have to be correct). If you decide not to place a selected tip that is already in your betting slip simply click again on the highlighted tip in the betting selection or directly on "X" in the betting slip.

Hint: Please check selected bets carefully because the button "Place betting slip" is already the last stage of placing a bet and there is no further confirmation page!

The most popular betting opportunities are shown in the single view of an event, further bets can be viewed by clicking on the name. If you see the "i" symbol next to event or a bets market it will give you further important information about the event or the bets market.

Live bets – bets to be placed during a current sporting event – grow in popularity. You will always find a large number of live games that you can place bets on at Interwetten. The easiest way to get to all available live bets is by clicking on "Live" in the menu. Live bets can be easily recognized because the latest score is highlighted in yellow.

For live bets we also show the most important bets flipped open and the side bets closed for a better overview. If you have already decided on a particular game on the homepage, you can get to the detailed view by clicking on the pairing or the quotas.

On the desktop site you can follow several events simultaneously. To do this, simply select the events one by one from the left overview of the live page and your selected events will be highlighted yellow. In addition, certain events can be displayed via "Star" at the top of the list.

4.2 Types of bets

Single bet

The single bet is the easiest and fastest way to place a bet. All you need to do is to predict the outcome of a game and if you are correct you have already won. For example: You tip for a home win of Bayern Munichh for the match Bayern Munichh versus Dortmund with a quota of 1.70. Your bet amount is EUR 10 Euros. If Bayern wins the game EUR 17 Euros will be credited to your betting account only moments after the game is finished.
Hint: Please check selected bets carefully because the button "Place betting slip" is already the last stage of placing a bet and there is no further confirmation page!

Combined bet

With a combined bet you can place up to 20 tips with just one stake. Combined bets increase the win but all tips have to be correct to win a bet.

For example: After you have placed your tips, 3 in this case, in the betting slip you place EUR 20.00 on Bayern Munich winning with quotas of 1.70, Barcelona 1.45 and Real Madrid 2.20. If all your tips are correct the quotas will be multiplied with the stakes in this case 1.70 x 1.45 x 2.20 which results in a total quota of 5.423 multiplied with the stakes of 20 Euros and you can look forward to a win of EUR 108.46!

System bets

System bets are a further development of combined bets. For a system bet you place a variety of combined bets with just one bet placement. You can easily explain this by looking at the system bet 2 of 3 (2/3).

For example: You select 3 games and tip e.g. for Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid to win in the system bet 2 of 3. This means, you play all combinations of 2 that are possible for 3 teams. These are 3 combinations of 2 in total for the "2 of 3 system bet":

Bet 1: Bayern 1.70 x Barcelona 1.45 = 2.465
Bet 2: Bayern 1.70 x Real Madrid 2.20 = 3.74
Bet 3: Barcelona 1.45 x Real Madrid 2.20 = 3.19

You can determine the stakes per bet as well as for the entire system. We assume total stakes for the system of EUR 30.00, which means in this case EUR 10.00 are placed per bet.

If all 3 tips are correct the quotas of the single bets are multiplied by 10 and afterwards these 3 products will be added. (2.465 x 10=24.65) + (3.74 x 10=37.40) + (3.19 x 10=31.90) = 93.95 Euros

Our betting slip also shows you a total quota for the entire system for the optimum possible win. In this case this would be 3.1316. The quota means that with a total stake of EUR 30 you can score 3.1316 times a win: 30 x 3.1316 = 93.95.

If a tip is incorrect you will still be credited a won bet, namely the one that did NOT include the lost tip.

As a special service all winnings from system bets are credited immediately after single bets are finished and you don't have to wait until all teams participating in the system bets have finished their games.
If the game Bayern and Barcelona mentioned previously happens on Saturday and Real Madrid on Sunday or a few hours later, you will already receive 24.65 of the 2-fold combo of the two correct tips.

More events participating in a system bet provides further betting opportunities. For the system bet 3 of 4 you tip all possible 3-fold combos for 4 teams, 4 bets in total. For the system bet 2 of 4 you tip all possible 2-fold combos for 4 teams, 6 bets in total etc.

You can take the number of bets per system bet from the chart below:

System Number of bets  System Number of bets 
2 of 33 bets6 of 77 bets
2 of 46 bets2 of 828 bets
3 of 4 4 bets 3 of 856 bets
2 of 5 10 bets 4 of 870 bets
3 of 5 10 bets 5 of 856 bets
4 of 55 bets 6 of 828 bets
2 of 615 bets7 of 88 bets
3 of 620 bets 2 of 936 bets
4 of 6 15 bets 3 of 984 bets
5 of 6 6 bets 4 of 9126 bets
2 of 7 21 bets5 of 9126 bets
3 of 735 bets 6 of 984 bets
4 of 7 35 bets 7 of 936 bets
5 of 7 21 bets8 of 99 bets

Multiway bet or multiway system bet

Our betting slip also enables you to combine different outcomes of a betting type with other tips.

For example: You tip for a win of Bayern for the game Bayern Munich versus Dortmund and a draw combined with a victory for Barcelona. Therefore, you play one bet with victory Barcelona and victory Bayern Munich and another bet with victory Barcelona and draw Bayern Munich. Two bets of which only one can be won.

Every 2-way doubles the number of bets, every 3-way triples the number of bets, etc. If you pick 3 pairings and tip victory and draw for 2 and for the 3rd pairing tip on 3 bet outcomes, you place 12 bets (2x2x3 = 12).

Our betting slip always enables ALL possible combinations. In the last line you can tip on the respective original system.

System bets with banks

To place a system bet with banks, place your desired tips in the betting slip. Afterwards click on the link "Banks" next to the system bets. A check box will open next to every tip, then select your desired bank tip. Of the remaining tips (without bank marking) all possible systems in combinations with banks will be displayed. Watch out - all selected bank tips have to be correct otherwise the entire system is lost regardless of the other tips.


The handicap bet was created to make a game more balanced. It is available in 3-way (football) and 2-way (many other sports, e.g. tennis).

3-way handicaps

The 0:1 or 1:0 handicap is available as standard for football. With this variant a team has a lead of one goal which is added to the final result. E.g.: The game Barcelona versus Real Madrid ends 2:1 – thanks to the "given" goal Real Madrid achieves a draw with the handicap 0:1 evaluation. If Real Madrid would have achieved a draw this would have been evaluated as a victory for Real Madrid in the handicap evaluation. Handicap bets increase quotas for favorites, in return the outsider receives a higher "win" probability.

2-way handicaps

Here the team with the minus in brackets must at least win by the distance of these points to guess the tip, in return the outsider must not lose the game higher. Mostly, for handicaps with 0.5 gradients a draw will be ruled out. E.g. Sacramento (-4.5) versus Washington (+4.5): If Sacramento wins the game with at least 5 points difference, the tip on handicap Sacramento is won, in all other cases the tip on Washington wins. If there is no winner due to "Point-spreads" (e.g. a team with -6 points wins excactly with 6 points lead), the bet will be refunded for single bets and the tip will be evaluated with 1.00 for combo- or system bets.
Asian handicap bets

These handicap bets are available for football games, here a football game is also reduced to 2 outcomes. Bets that end in draws due to "Point-spreads" are refunded after deduction of 10% and evaluated 0.9 for the combi bet.

Promotions bets /Who gets to the next round

This betting type is availabel for KO duels. Depending on the event you tip on the winner of one or both KO duels.

How many goals or over/under

This is the most popular special bet! You tip whether during the game or a particular section of the game more or less goals/points will be scored than the betting market predicts.

First goal

Here you tip on the team/player who scores the first goal during the game or a particular section of the game.

Time first goal

There is a wealth of time periods for betting on the first goal available in our betting range.

Double chance

You tip on victory or draw of a team or that there is NO draw. You tip with one bet on two possible game outcomes. The quotas of this betting market are a little lower but the risk is within limits.


Here you tip on the winner of the relevant half-time.

Score bets

Here you tip on the exact outcome of the game. Subsequently score bets are available for particular sections of the game (half-time, extra-time etc.).

Cards bettings markets

The following applies for all betting markets with regard to cards: Yellow card=1 card, sending-off=2 cards, a second yellow card for a player counts as "no" card because this has already been covered by sending-off. Cards after the final whistle or for substitute players and coaches are not valid.

Booking points

The evaluation is as follows. Yellow card = 10 points, sending-off=25 points, a second yellow card for a player is not counted seperately because this has already been covered by sending-off because a player can collect a maximum of 35 points. Cards after the final whistle or for substitute players and coaches are not valid.


Only corners performed are valid for all bets with regard to corners!

Remaining time bets

For these bets you always tip on the outcome of the game less the current score or vice versa which team/player scores more goals/points from the current score.

E.g.: Bayern Munich – Real Madrid score in the 70th minute 3-1, actual final score 3-2 = Who wins the remaining game after 3-1 = Real Madrid. These bets are also available for different sections of the game (half-time, extra-time etc.).

4.3 Live bets

To place a live bet means that you place a bet on an event that is already under way. The quotas of the betting event are adjusted and constantly updated by our bookmakers according to the game process. In other words you have the opportunity to participate in the betting event during the game until the final minute.

Although we do our best please note that information displayed about score and game progress is only for the purpose of reference and is subject to corrections. Furthermore please note that even live broadcasts and several animations in the event header depend on different factors and certain delays.

The process of placing bets can in contrast to "normal" bets be subject to certain delays, which should not exceed 5 seconds as a rule. The following applies for placing live bets also: Please check selected bets carefully because the button "Place betting slip" is already the last stage of placing a bet and there is no further confirmation page! 

Event calendar

Stay tuned! Our live calendar, visible in the top right area of the live bets overview page, shows in advance when and which live bets are available or which ones are currently happening.

4.4 Mininum and maximum bets

Minimum bet

The minimum bet for single and combination bets is: EUR 1.00.  The minimum bet per row/bet for a system bet is: EUR 0.30. The minimum bet for a total system bet is EUR 3.00 (e.g.: "system bet 2of3" EUR 1.00 per row = EUR 3.00 total. System bets 3of5 30 Cents per row = EUR 3.00 total.) The minimum bet for other currencies is shown on the betting slip of the player.

Maximum bet

The maximum bet limit varies and depends on the type of bet. The system will notify you in case of possible overruns when placing bets.

4.5 Winning limits

If not shown otherwise when placing bets the following amount is the winning limit for every bet: EUR 10,000.00

If not shown otherwise when placing bets the following amount is the winning limit for system bets: EUR 30,000.00

The following net amount is the winning limit per day for every customer: EUR 20,000.00

The following net amount is the winning limit per week for every player (Monday 0:00 to Sunday 24:00): EUR 100,000.00

The winning limit for other currencies is shown on the betting slip of the player.

4.6 Bonus

Any deposit during a bonus promotion is rewarded with an additional bonus! Our bonus newsletters provide information about bonus promotions in good time. These promotions are also advertised on our website.

New customers will of course receive a welcome bonus. The bonus is not available immediately in your account but can be cleared gradually for sport bets, casino bets or in the live casino. As soon as the bonus is cleared it is yours and is credited as real money.

If you would like to find out when the bonus is credited as real money and what individual ads including the bonus graphic means please see this example:

This ad means that you have to place a bet for 60.00 Euros to fulfill Step 2. As soon as Step 2 is fulfilled you will receive a partial amount of the bonus.

Any bonus information can be found on the mobile pages by clicking on Account/Account overview/Bonus details while you are logged in.

The following useful information is displayed if you move the mouse across the bonus graphic on your desktop:

This is the explanation for individual points:
100.00 EUR – per step 20.00 EUR
You receive 100.00 EUR in total for the active bonus, 20.00 EUR are paid out per step!

The bonus can be cleared in partial steps. Dividers in the bonus graphic show how many steps are required to clear the bonus. This means: Even if you only meet some of the bonus terms and conditions a bonus component can be paid out in real money! Turnover per step: 100.00 EUR. This means: You have to bet 100.00 EUR per step to be paid out a partial amount of the active bonus as real money!

Minimum quota: 1.70
Meaning: The quota of your bet should be at least 1.70 for you to clear the bonus.

Only 6 days left!
Meaning: Watch out! Keep an eye on this information. You only have a certain amount of time to clear the bonus. Therefore, you should fulfill all partial steps before expiry of this period because this is the only way you will be paid the total bonus. Hint: You will of course retain a bonus that has already been paid out as real money! Even if the total bonus has not been cleared within this period.

Overview in the account statement

Which bonuses are available for you is shown in the bonus details section of the account statement. The active bonus is always lined up first. If you don't want to use it you can cancel it with the "X" on the right side. In this case the next bonus will be activated.

Status of a bonus

The status of a bonus is displayed if you click on the bonus graphics next to the "Active bonus" or you click on "Bonus details" in the account statement. A bonus received for a deposit may have the following status:

Active bonus

"Active bonus" identifies the bonus that you are currently clearing. If you currently don't have an "Active bonus", a bonus will be automatically lined up as "Active" if you make a deposit during a bonus promotion! There can only be one active bonus at a time. Any further bonuses will be lined up behind.

Oustanding bonus

"Outstanding bonus" identifies a further bonus. You can have several outstanding bonuses. As soon as an active bonus has been cleared, deleted or is expired another possible oustanding bonus will be activated. If you make a deposit during a bonus promotion and an "Active bonus" is already present, the additional bonus is lined up as "Outstanding bonus". Pleae note: This also occurs when it is the same bonus promotion, that is if you make several deposits during the same bonus promotion.

Expired bonus

Every bonus has an expiry date. That is why you should keep an eye on the expiry date! If you don't clear the entire bonus and possible partial amounts expire the bonus will receive the status „Expired"! It is important to note that if partial amounts of this bonus have already been paid out as real money, these amounts will be retained.

Completed bonus

The intention is to complete bonuses! In this case you have cleared the entire bonus. Every completed bonus is visible for one month. Afterwards the entry will be removed.

Canceled bonus

You can cancel a bonus. If you cancel a bonus for whatever reason the canceled bonus is shown for one month. Afterwards the entry will be removed.

4.7 Cash-out


You decide when your bet will be paid out! Thanks to the cash-out function no more last minute goals can get in your way because you can have your bets paid out before the end of the game.

The cash-out function is visible as a tab on the betting slip. You will find this function on the mobile pages in the header area below the number bets on the betting slip. If bets are available as cash-outs, all bets that can be paid out early are listed with the initial betting amount, the potential win if you wait until the end of the game and the cash-out amount if you decide to have the bet evaluated immediately. For this purpose simply click on the "Cash-out" button. The amount will then be credited to your betting account immediately and is available for further sports bets!

The amount offered depends on the course of events that you have bet on and can be higher or lower than the initial bet, so that you can secure a win early or avoid losing!

Cash-out is available for single and combination bets on all platforms, desktop as well as mobile versions (smartphone, tablet, apps) and can be used for live bets and bets that were placed before the game. The mimimum amount for cash-out is 30 Cents or the relevant amount in other currencies. Cash-out is available for the following sports:
Football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, american football, baseball, futsal.

Partial cash-out

With the "Partial-cash-out" function you can pay out parts of a bet and continue the remainder of the bet until the end of the game. That way you can have the initial bet paid out to keep the remaining amount for a potential further win!

To use this function simply click on the partial-cash-out link next to the cash-out button. A slide control appears that enables you to select your cash-out amount. The relevant amount is displayed in the field below. Alternatively, you can enter the desired cash-out amount manually.

After the amount has been selected with the options described you can have this amount paid out to your account by clicking the cash-out button. The remaining bet is settled according to the final result.

4.8 Discontinuation of a sporting event

Possibilities of discontinuation
If a discontinued betting event is restarted until the end of the day after next (local time of betting event), the bet is valid for the restarted betting event. If the game doesn't happen within this period it counts as canceled and is evaluated with the quota 1.00.

Bet evaluation

Bets are evaluated immediately after a sporting event and winnings are credited to the betting accounts.

What happens in case of football games that are not played due to bad weather? If the betting event happens until the end of the day after next (local time of betting event) the bet counts as placed. If the game does not happen within this period it counts as canceled and is evaluated with quota 1.00.

4.9 Virtual sports

Virtual football

With virtual football you can bet on the games of the Virtual Football League (in short: VFL) – around the clock! The Virtual Football League consists of 16 teams. Every season consists of 30 match days, divided into an even number of home and away games. A season lasts 150 minutes. You can bet on games at any time as long as they haven't started yet.

Season information

A season consists of 30 rounds/match days. The season is divided into 3 phases: "Pre-league", "Match-day-loop" and "Post-league". "Pre-league" runs before the start of the season and lasts approx. 2:30 minutes. Single rounds are summarized in the "Match-day-loops" phase. The match time is 4:35 minutes per single match. After the season is finished the "Post-league" starts, which lasts 60 seconds.


A match-day/round lasts 4:35 minutes, whereby the actual playing time is 3:00 minutes.

The match-day is divided into 60 seconds of "Pre-match", followed by 1st und 2nd half – each lasting 90 seconds, a 10 second half-time break und finally a "Post-match" phase, before the next round starts automatically.
Betting on the current match-day is always possible until 10 seconds before kick-off. The betting market for future rounds remains open.

The following betting options are available for every match: 3-way (1,X or 2), handicap, 1st goal, 3-way / 1st half-time, over/under goals and exact score.


All Virtual Football League matches will be streamed live as a video stream via a media player integrated in the browser. The user can freely switch back and forth between 8 available games or alternatively watch the desired game. The games are broadcast in so called highlight mode.
Match simulations are generated by a combination of artificial intelligence and independent random generators. Coincidently the performance parameter of the VFL are based on professional football players (e.g. in relation to number of goals, fitness, ongoing match statistics etc.).

This is an overview of all available betting options in the Virtual Football League:

1X2 (home, draw or away)
Handicap (1:0 or 0:1)
Over/under 2.5 goals
Half-time score
Exact score

The following is a detailed description of betting options. To place particular bets for individual matches simply click on the betting program for the Virtual Football League that can be found on the right page below the "+" link. When clicking on it all possible betting options for a game will be displayed.

With a 1X2 bet the player has to guess the correct outcome of a game. When selecting the outcome, "1" is a victory of the home team, "X" is a draw and "2" is a victory of the visiting team.


With a handicap bet the player selects the outcome of a game, whereby he/she assumes that one team has a fictitious goal advantage. For example: the home team would start with a 1-0 advantage. If the player then selects a handicap victory for the home team, this team has to exit with a draw or win. In case of selecting an "X" the visiting team has to score one more goal than the home team (e.g.: 2:1, 1:0 or 4:3) for the player to win the bet. If "2" is selected – the visiting team is going to win if the home team has a handicap – the visiting team has to win by at least 2 more goals than the home team for the player to win the bet.

Over/under 2.5 goals

With the over/under bet the player can bet on a total sum of goals. The pre-selected over or under value is 2.5 goals. To win an "Over 2.5 goals" bet 3 goals have to be scored in a game (e.g.: 2:1, 4:2, 3:0). To win an "Under 2.5 goals" bet no more than 2 goals must be scored during the game (e.g. 1:1, 0:2, 0:0).

Half-time score

The half-time score bet is similar to the 1X2 bet – the player has to decide on 1, X, or 2 as a 1st half-time score. If the player tips on 1 – the home team wins the first half of the match – the home team has to lead by at least 1 goal at the end of the first half-time. This bet includes extra-time that can be added to 45 minutes of playing time.

Exact score

With the exact score the final score has to be guessed exactly. To win the predicted score has to be identical to the actual final score. If the player predicts a 2:0 victory, the final score after 90 minutes has to be 2:0 otherwise the bet is lost.

General hint

Betting on a game of the Virtual Football League is possible at any time – as long as the bet is placed during pre-season.

If you prefer you can bet on games for the following day also. Simply select your desired day on the "Matchday" bar at the lower edge and the games as well as the quotas are shown.

Virtual tennis

With Virtual Tennis you can bet on games of the Virtual Tennis Open (VTO) – around the clock! VTO offers betting experiences with real money placed on Virtual Tennis 24/7 and all year long. 2 Knock-out cup-tournaments always run parallel. Every tournament consists of 4 rounds starting with 16 players (last sixteen, quarter final, semi-final, final). To ensure sufficient betting time the surface switches turn-based between tournaments, which means that a round on a lawn court is always followed by a round on a hard court and vice versa. Bets can be placed on all games of the next available round.

Tournament information

Due to tournaments running parallel a complete cup lasts 25:30 minutes divided into a "Tournament-introduction-period" of 15 seconds before the start of the cup, a "Cup rounds" loop of 3:30 minutes per cup round and a "Cup-celebration-period" of further 15 seconds at the end of each cup.

Cup round information

A cup round lasts 3:30 minutes. Depending on the cup round all available matches are broadcast completely (round 16 = 8 matches, round 8 = 4 matches, semi-final = 2 matches and final = 1 match). It is left to the customer to switch between the videos of the 2 matches.


Bets on VTO can be placed up to 10 seconds before the match begins. Bets are available on game, set and match level. The betting market is always open for at least 3:30 minutes before the match (bets on the next possible lawn round during a hard court round and vice versa). The following match-related betting options are available:

Betting on game level

• Winner of game 1 in set 1 (1 - player 1 wins; 2 - player 2 wins)
• Correct result of game 1 in set 1 (game-0; game -15; game -30; game -40 - 0- game; 15- game; 30- game; 40- game)

Betting on set level

• Winner of set 1 (1 - player 1 wins; 2 - player 2 wins)
• Correct result of set 1: (6:0; 6:1; 6:2; 6:3; 6:4; 7:5; 7:6 – 0:6; 1:6; 2:6; 3:6: 4:6; 5:7; 6:7)
• Total number of games in set 1: (over/under, 3 different offers)
• uneven/even number of games in set 1: (uneven/even)

Betting on match level

• Winner of match (1 - player 1 wins; 2 - player 2 wins)
• Final result (in sets – best of 3) (2:0; 3-1; 3:2 – 0:2; 1:3; 2:3)
• Total number of games in match: (over /under, 1 offer)


You can freely switch between all available matches per cup-round or alternatively just watch your favorite match. Match simulation is created by artificial intelligence combined with a random generator. Coincidently performance parameters of the VTO are based on professional tennis players (e.g. in relation to number of hits, fitness, ongoing match statistics etc.).

4.10 Newsletter subscription and cancellation

The newsletter is sent only to the e-mail address registered with the customer account. This way you are always kept up to date about bonus promotions or interesting competitions.
You can subscribe or cancel a newsletter at any time. This can be done by logging in with your username and password and clicking on "Account statement" and "Settings".

Under the heading "E-mail notifications" you can select whether to receive our weekly newsletter, our bonus e-mails as well as notifications about new messages in your inbox.

On the mobile pages this section can be found by clicking on Account/Account overview/Settings.

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