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Boxing - Olympic Games Women bets

Olympic Games - Boxing Flyweight (51kg) Women - Winner



Olympic Tournament Women

Cakiroglu, Buse Naz 2.25

Fuchs, Virginia 4.00

Krasteva, Stoyka 6.50

Hmangte, Chungneijang Mery Kom 6.50

Mery Kom Hmangte, Chungneijang 7.00

Mery Kom Hmangte, Chungneijang 7.00

Huang, Hsiao-Wen 9.50

Namiki, Tsukimi 15.00

Valencia, Ingrit 20.00

Chang, Yuan 35.00

Olympic Games - Boxing Featherweight (57kg) Women - Winner
Olympic Games - Boxing Middleweight (75kg) Women - Winner
Olympic Games - Boxing Welterweight (69kg) Women - Winner
Olympic Games - Boxing Lightweight (60kg) Women - Winner
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