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Ice Hockey - NHL bets




Pittsburgh Penguins 1,80

X 4,20

Philadelphia Flyers 3,50


Winnipeg Jets 1,75

X 4,20

Minnesota Wild 3,70


Nashville Predators 1,65

X 4,30

Colorado Avalanche 4,10



Tampa Bay Lightning 1,75

X 4,20

New Jersey Devils 3,70


NHL The NHL (National Hockey League) is possibly the most competitive ice hockey league in the world and is considered one of the four most prestigious sports leagues the USA. 31 teams in total are competing for the sought-after Stanley Cup among them 7 teams from Canada and 24 from the US.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were the champions again in the past NHL season. They had to prevail against the Nashville Predators who reached the final for the first time in the club’s history. Who will get into the playoffs? Bet on your favorite.

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