Self Limitation

Interwetten offers the following limit options:

A. A deposit limit may be set on a
- monthly
- weekly or
- daily basis.

B. A stake limit may be set on a
- monthly
- weekly or
- daily basis.

and per each and every gaming product that we offer. Please check your account statement to make sure that you create your stake limit for the intended product group.

You may create a deposit limit by using the limit settings in your account. Creating a deposit limit is the most effective way of controlling your overall expenditure. In order to additionally create a stake limit, please contact our customer service.

Please note that all limits will be effective as soon as you have confirmed your self-limitation.

Any limit set by yourself can only be made less stringent or removed 24 hours after your request. Any request for stricter limits will be valid immediately after the change has been saved.
You can check the current limits valid for your account in the statement of your account in the limit section.

The periods are defined as following:
Daily = current day 00:00:00 until 23:59:59
Weekly = Monday 00:00:00 until Sunday 23:59:59
Monthly = 01.XX. 00:00:00 until 31:XX. 23:59:59 (or the last day of the month as applicable)

When you set a weekly limit of 200.- on Wednesday, this limit will count up to the following Sunday, and not up to Tuesday.

Any setting made prior to the setting of a limit in the period in caption will not be considered.

In September you have deposited 300 Euros and you set yourself a monthly deposit limit of 300 Euros on September 17. This implies that, until the end of a month, you may deposit a maximum of another 300 Euro.

Any payouts made will have no influence on the limit for the given period.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.