Sponsoring – a chance for Interwetten, a chance for sport

Since it was founded, Interwetten has completely dedicated itself to the world of sport!
Just like our customers, we love fair competition, spectacular scenes, dramatic encounters and thrilling races. No matter whether it’s football, tennis, ice hockey, darts or wheelchair basketball, Interwetten is always where the action is happening!

We want to help create the ideal conditions for those who perform these sports to ensure they can produce their very best. But we also want to position our brand precisely where our customers are. And by working with our partners, we are able to reach sport fans around the globe.

We want to present ourselves through our partnerships to a large, diverse and entertainment-oriented audience.

Innovative and exclusive experiences should allow fans to enjoy golden moments.

We are proud to have a broad and diverse portfolio of partnerships in a variety of sports:
  • Winter Sport
    • ÖSV
    • DSV
    • Michael Rösch
  • Football
    • Borussia Mönchengladbach
    • Liverpool FC
    • FC Flyeralarm
    • Freekickerz
  • Ice Hockey
    • NHL
  • Tennis
    • Erste Bank Open
    • Mallorca Country Club
  • Darts
    • PDC Europe
    • Premier League Darts: Russ Bray
  • Wheelchair Basketball
    • Sitting Bulls Klosterneuburg
  • Beach Volleyball
    • Team Kindl/Seiser
    • Team Pfrezschner/Sowa
  • American Football
    • Steelsharks Traun
Through our many partnerships, we have once again underlined our status as a reliable and dynamic sports partner.

We aim to find partners with whom we can forge long-term, reliable collaborations, which allow us to combine our values and visions, and from which both parties can profit optimally.