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  • Italy League
    Italy League
  • Virtual Football League England
    Virtual Football League England
  • Virtual Races
    Virtual Races
  • Football Cup - World
    Football Cup - World
  • Football Penalty Duel
    Football Penalty Duel
  • Football Streak
    Football Streak
  • English League
    English League
  • EURO 2020
    EURO 2020
  • Greyhound Streak
    Greyhound Streak
  • Football Streak Champions
    Football Streak Champions
  • Instant Germany League
    Instant Germany League
  • Euro League Virtual Football's high quality simulation looks like a real match. Look forward to football fun all day every day!
    Euro League
  • Horses Streak
    Horses Streak
  • Germany League
    Germany League
  • Instant Motorbike
    Instant Motorbike
  • Euro Champions Play without having to wait and participate at the greates tournaments of the world of sports!
    Euro Champions
  • Greyhounds Which greyhound do you prefer? Depend on your gut feeling and place a bet on the winner!
  • Horse Races Do you trust the horse or the jockey? Find out at Virtual Horse Races!
    Horse Races
  • Golden Race Lobby All Golden Race games are just one click away! Check which of the countless games and sports comes up and place your bet!
    Golden Race Lobby
  • World Cup
    World Cup
  • Nations Cup
    Nations Cup
  • Champions Cup
    Champions Cup
  • Asian Cup
    Asian Cup