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Skijumping - World Cup bets

Ruka HS142 II - Winner



Ruka (FIN), HS 142

Lanisek, Anze 2.75

Kraft, Stefan 3.50

Granerud, Halvor Egner 7.50

Kubacki, Dawid 8.50

Lindvik, Marius 12.00

Zyla, Piotr 14.00

Fettner, Manuel 26.00

Geiger, Karl 26.00

Tande, Daniel Andre 35.00

Forfang, Johann Andre 35.00

Johansson, Robert 35.00

Zajc, Timi 35.00

Haybock, Michael 43.00

Prevc, Peter 55.00

Tschofenig, Daniel 55.00

Jelar, Ziga 70.00

Stoch, Kamil 85.00

Kobayashi, Ryoyu 85.00

Eisenbichler, Markus 110.00

Wellinger, Andreas 160.00

Leyhe, Stephan 160.00

Nakamura, Naoki 160.00

Hoerl, Jan 160.00

Bresadola, Giovanni 160.00

Kos, Lovro 160.00

Prevc, Domen 200.00

Paschke, Pius 250.00

Schmid, Constantin 300.00

Aschenwald, Philipp 300.00


Ski Jumping World Cup

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Make bets on the eagles of sky at Interwetten! Additionally to the Four Hills Tournament, you can also bet on all World Cup competitions and major events such as the Olympic Games, the Ski Flying World Championships or the Nordic World Ski Championships. 

Sure it’s Kraft, Kobayashi and co. but the ladies will be flying high as well! Make bets on Althaus, Iraschko-Stolz and Lundby! Take your chances and reach the sky with our superb odds!