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Cross Country Skiing - World Cup Women bets

World Cup Overall Women - Winner



Cross Country 2020/21

Johaug, Therese 1.33

Nepryaeva, Natalia 7.00

Weng, Heidi 9.50

Ostberg, Ingvild Flugstad 10.00

Karlsson, Frida 14.00

Andersson, Ebba 27.00

Parmakoski, Krista 50.00

Diggins, Jessica 80.00

Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, Astrid 95.00

Kalla, Charlotte 95.00

Carl, Victoria 95.00

Sedova, Anastasia 300.00

Stadlober, Teresa 300.00

Niskanen, Kerttu 300.00

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