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Alpine Skiing - Giant Slalom Men bets

Giant Slalom World Cup Overall 2020/21 - Winner



Giant slalom, World Cup

Kristoffersen, Henrik 3.00

Pinturault, Alexis 3.00

Kranjec, Zan 6.00

Braathen, Lucas 6.00

Odermatt, Marco 7.00

Zubcic, Filip 11.00

Meillard, Loic 20.00

Nestvold-Haugen, Leif Kristian 20.00

Ford, Tommy 20.00

Caviezel, Gino 30.00

Faivre, Mathieu 50.00

De Aliprandini, Luca 65.00

Kilde, Aleksander Aamodt 65.00

Schwarz, Marco 65.00

Muffat Jeandet, Victor 65.00

Ligety, Ted 100.00

Schmid, Alexander 100.00

Luitz, Stefan 100.00

Molgg, Manfred 150.00

Leitinger, Roland 150.00

Sarrazin, Cyprien 150.00

Borsotti, Giovanni 150.00

Feller, Manuel 150.00

Tonetti, Riccardo 250.00

Cochran-Siegle, Ryan 250.00

Giant slalom Men

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After the retirement of ski superstar Marcel Hirscher, the competition for the little crystal ball in giant slalom is wide open again. His former opponents Henrik Kristoffersen and Alexis Pinturault are the major contenders for the discipline World Cup.

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